Too Faced Just Peachy Palette Review & Swatches

I’ve been pretty frugal lately and passed on so many palettes. But when I saw the Too Faced Just Peachy palette, I HAD to get it. This was an instant purchase. Being a huge sucker for mattes, I had no one talking me down.

I normally go for neutral colors, but I figured I need a warm palette in my collection. So now, I’m welcoming the Just Peachy palette with open arms and closed eyelids.

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My DIY Necklaces Shelf For Under $12

Necklaces are a must have for my outfits. You will never see me without at least one necklace on. Unfortunately, the more I buy, the more I misplace, break, and/or lose. I never had a place to keep and organize my necklaces. I always took them off, threw them on my nightstand, and Nemo (my cat) handled the rest.

I didn’t want to get a necklace stand because some of my necklaces are very long and I wanted them to hang instead of lay on my desk. Not to mention, I had no desk/table space for my stand either. I decided to buy a shelf, some hooks, and make my own simple DIY necklaces shelf.

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My Nighttime Skincare Routine & Overnight Masks

My nighttime skincare routine is pretty inconsistent if I do say so myself. I have combination skin, so it’s hard for me to find the right products without overwhelming my face.

I know I wrote a post about my nighttime skin routine last year and I still use some of those products as you will read below. But I have brought in some new players into the mix. I also started to introduce some overnight masks into my nighttime skincare routine.

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Starting a Bullet Journal – July Spread

I finally joined the bullet journal cult! I’ve been trying to start it for months now, but never got into it. I kept getting self conscious about my handwriting and drawings whenever I looked up inspiration.

But I finally realized that this is for me and not for anyone else. It’s supposed to help me keep myself organized and on track with my plans.

So, this was my first time doing a full spread bullet journal entry. There are still lots to learn and edit for next month. But here’s what I have so far!

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My Latest Makeup Haul

I haven’t shopped for makeup in a long time so I figured it was about time for another makeup haul. I’ve had a few things in mind since I’ve seen Youtubers rave about them or new products on social media. I unfortunately did not have the same reaction for some of the products, but loved the others.

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