My At-Home Manicure Routine

I just posted my at-home manicure routine video! I recently bought an automatic buffer on Amazon, so I figured hey, why not just show the entire process? So if you go and watch my manicure routine video, you will see me unboxing of the nail buffer and actually using it.

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essie – Master Plan


Cooler weather means cooler colors and I have another Essie polish added to my collection! The other day, I wandered around in Target and found myself subconsciously wandering towards the polishes again. (What’s new?) I obviously needed to start switching out my warmer, brighter colors for my favorite minimal colors for the fall! That’s when I found Essie Master Plan.

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essie – Chillato


So, I went to Target the other day and found myself wandering through the danger zone, or also known as the makeup and nail polish aisle. But I was very good and only bought one nail polish color to add to my crazy cluster growing in my room—the Essie Chillato polish, from their Summer 2015 collection. It’s almost a pastel yellow-green color, or a light pistachio color as described on their website.

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