My DIY Necklaces Shelf For Under $12

Necklaces are a must have for my outfits. You will never see me without at least one necklace on. Unfortunately, the more I buy, the more I misplace, break, and/or lose. I never had a place to keep and organize my necklaces. I always took them off, threw them on my nightstand, and Nemo (my cat) handled the rest.

I didn’t want to get a necklace stand because some of my necklaces are very long and I wanted them to hang instead of lay on my desk. Not to mention, I had no desk/table space for my stand either. I decided to buy a shelf, some hooks, and make my own simple DIY necklaces shelf.

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Starting a Bullet Journal – July Spread

I finally joined the bullet journal cult! I’ve been trying to start it for months now, but never got into it. I kept getting self conscious about my handwriting and drawings whenever I looked up inspiration.

But I finally realized that this is for me and not for anyone else. It’s supposed to help me keep myself organized and on track with my plans.

So, this was my first time doing a full spread bullet journal entry. There are still lots to learn and edit for next month. But here’s what I have so far!

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What Are You Reading?

I’ve been mentioning to my boyfriend, Andrew, for a while about how I’ve been meaning to get back into reading, but for some reason couldn’t. And little lucky old me got a Kindle for Valentine’s Day from thoughtful him. Now I need some help! What are you reading?

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Stranger Things – A Must Watch Netflix Show


Before I start raving about Stranger Things, there isn’t any major spoilers. However, there are a few references to the show, but nothing that will take away from your viewing if you do decide to watch it.

Stranger Things is Netflix’s latest science-fiction, horror/thriller series that has everyone obsessed. I’ve had multiple people tell me to watch this show, but I kept deciding against it. I’m normally not a science-fiction fan and DEFINITELY NOT a horror fan (I’m a screamer). But as someone who hates horror, I am SO, SO glad I binge-watched this show. And here’s why you should watch it too if you haven’t already.

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What Personality Are You?



I’m personally a huge fan of personality quizzes. I always take the ones on Buzzfeed for fun to see what Harry Potter or Friends character I am or what kind of pie I am.

But I really love taking INTJ, ENFP, or ESTJ tests because they give a little more accurate description of your personality based off of the answers you give. The letters represent a different concept of your personality–Introversion (I), Extraversion (E), Intuition (N), Sensing (S), Thinking (T), Feeling (F), Judging (J), or Perceiving (P).

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As if I wasn’t already addicted to word games + apps, I stumbled upon a terribly addicting and extremely adorable word game–Alphabear! I’ve literally been playing Alphabear everyday every few hours since it has been released. This needs to be in your phone or tablet immediately!


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