April Spins


It’s that time again. Middle of the month for my April Spins 🙂 This month, my ears have been enjoying light EDM in preparation of summer. I haven’t heard of a lot of these artists before this month, but I’m really glad I’ve stumbled upon them. And hopefully, if it’s getting warm in your area, you too can enjoy my April Spins playlist!

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March Spins

march-spinsIt’s almost at the halfway point of March already which means it’s time for another March Spins playlist! These months have been flying by so fast for me lately, I’ve been trying to play catch up with new music for your ears (and mine). I know not everyone shares the same taste in music, but hopefully you’ll be open to listening to a few of my catchy songs! They’re such a tease for the summer weather! 🙂

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February Spins

february-spinsI’ve been seriously slacking on my monthly spins, so sorry! But things finally calmed down so much that I can get back into the loop with these little extra things again and right in time for a February Spins. And I know it’s not even in the middle of the month yet, but so what? Music never hurt anyone.

I think lately I’ve been in a more mellow/night cruise-y music kind of mood. Probably because of all the late commuting I’ve been doing in these cold winter blizzards I’ve been having, but these songs have been making their way into my ears and helped me relax. Hopefully, you can also enjoy this month’s February Spins! 🙂

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October Spins

october spins

It’s the middle of the month again (already), so time for an October Spins playlist! It’s not much this month, but I think there is enough to interest your ear holes.

Of course, as usual, Twenty One Pilots always finds their way into my monthly playlists. I can probably rant about them all day, I love them so much and I’m actually going to see them in June 2016!! Super excited for that 🙂 If you can only listen to one song on my October Spins playlist, Migraine by Twenty One Pilots has to be the one.

Also, totally feeling Couch Potato by Jakubi, so check that out! I recently found Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez, and it’s kind of eerie, but catchy. Maybe it’s something you can listen to while driving around on a mellow night or chilling out with friends.

I think my October Spins playlist has pretty good vibes for the cool weather (finally!) and for your even cooler ears, so let me know what you think! Enjoy & happy October 🙂

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September Spins

september spins

september spins

Hi guys! It’s (kind of) the middle of the month so I’m releasing another monthly playlist to listen to! Summer is coming to an end and I found myself still listening to upbeat songs (not all new) to end summer on a good note as we welcome cooler weather and the fall time. There aren’t too many songs this month, but I think it’s enough to share!

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August Spins

august spins

august spins

A lot of artists dropped some new songs in the past few weeks and I just got around to listening to them. I put some of my favorites into my August Spins playlist. These are some great songs to listen to while it’s still super hot out and you’re enjoying summer with the windows down cruising.

Some songs from August Spins that have been on repeat has to be… 100 Grandkids by Mac Miller and Bad Dream by The Mowgli’s. These songs can definitely can get you in a pumped up mood and motivate you to do whatever you want.

Or if you’re relaxing, it’s just nice to have these songs on while you’re enjoying yourself (and the sun) by the pool or on the beach.

Take a listen to a few of the songs and enjoy my August Spins playlist!

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July Spins


Starting off my monthly spins series with my July Spins playlist! Nothing new in this particular playlist, but still lots of goodness to listen to.

Hopefully your summer is going well and you can keep that going by listening to upbeat songs from the July Spins playlist! Definitely something you can sing along to in the car or in the shower, wherever 🙂

But if you can’t stay for the whole July Spins playlist (I know, it’s a bit long), definitely listen to anything that has Twenty One Pilots! My go to band for any mood I’m feeling.

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