How I Make Extra Money While Driving To Work

As a commuter, I spend a lot of time behind the wheel just to get to work. I live about 38 miles away from work, so every day I’m driving at least 76 miles. That’s assuming I don’t have any errands to run afterwards or I’m meeting friends for dinner. My boyfriend lives about 47 miles away, so on weekends I’m driving minimum 94 miles. Luckily, I found an app that lets me make extra money while driving!

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I made sure this app was legitimate before I made this post. This definitely works, I promise. 

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5 Things To Do When You Feel Burnt Out


We’ve all been there and it always gets the best of us—working on a project after project, doing the same thing day after day—we end up burning out, feeling exhausted, and just wanting to sleep for days. I’ve been through this process way too many times, but I think I’ve finally picked up a few tricks to get me out of that rut. Here are 5 things to do when you feel burnt out!

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5 More Ways to Stay Motivated


I don’t know if it’s because the weather is getting colder and I’m more tired, but I just lost so much motivation to do work. I’ve been trying to push myself a little more these days to keep my momentum going, but there are just days when I don’t feel like doing anything. I made a post before on 5 Ways to Stay Motivated, but now I have 5 MORE ways to stay motivated!

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What to Know When you go Camping


This weekend, I was definitely taken out of my comfort zone—my boyfriend, Andrew, and his cousins invited me to go camping this weekend at Bull Run Regional Park. I have never gone “real” camping, where you pitch up a tent and sleep in sleeping bags in the cold, but I’ll tell you that it’s definitely an experience. I will also tell you that I am definitely a hotel person, or at the very least a cabin person IF I’m forced to sleep in the woods. I will never take my bed for granted again! Although this wasn’t my ideal weekend arrangement, I had a lot of fun bonding with Andrew’s family and camping out in the woods. There are things I’ve definitely learned going on this trip about camping in general, so here is my perspective on what to know when you go camping (if you ever want to put yourself in this situation willingly…) so you can prepare yourself better than I did.

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What You Need to Know Before Getting a Cat


Ever since I was little, I always wanted a pet, but my parents (my mom specifically) were so against the idea because they knew I didn’t have enough responsibility, they would have to take care of it, and there was always the potential that the pet could ruin everything in the household. There were even a few times where I snuck in little pets to see if I could get away with it. I did not. Years of begging and whining passed, and still, no pets allowed.

I did my research to see how much work, money, and time would go into raising a cat or dog. Since I was a full time student, with a part time internship, I immediately ruled out getting a puppy because I knew it wouldn’t be fair for it to be raised in an environment where I wouldn’t be there to give it the love and attention it needed. That’s when I decided to get a kitten. (You can read about my experience bringing Nemo home for the first time in this post.) Anyways, here’s what you need to know before getting a cat, or pet in general.

Beware: This is one of my longer posts, so I will have Nemo pop up every now and then to bring your attention back. Enjoy!

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5 Ways to Stay Motivated

how-to-stay-motivatedIf you haven’t figured it out already, maintaining an active blog or any project, in general, is very time consuming and requires a lot of dedication. I started out with a lot of drive, but now I’m reaching that tough uphill—what do I post about now and how do I stay inspired? Through constant self-evaluation, I have come up with 5 ways to stay motivated. Granted, these points may be more relevant towards me (as a designer and blogger), but still could be applicable to you and your situation!

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Room Decor – Inspiration Tueday


This week’s Inspiration Tuesday:

I am personally a huge fan of the whole white wall and black/grey, monochromatic room look. I think it looks clean and makes the room look bigger, and any pop of color on a random item in the room is a nice accent. Although, many disagree with my tastes and call it too “sterile” for their tastes, but I think if done right, the room would be brought together nicely. Here are a few examples of rooms that I think have nice features in their monotony.

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Take a Daily Smoke Break

take-a-smoke-breakSo yesterday, instead of going straight home from work and tackling rush hour head on, I took a detour to grab dinner with a friend back on the MICA campus. We went to a sports bar called Turp’s on Charles Street for half off burgers night. We talked about how our job search was going, how stressed out we were because we were failing terribly at it, and got angry and annoyed watching the US Mens Soccer team play poorly against Jamaica. After dinner, we went back to her apartment and sat outside on the fire escape and just talked while she had a daily smoke break.

We sat out there until the sun went down, watching the Pre-College MICA students walk around in The Commons below and feeling sorry for them. They were about to have a rough, sleepless 4 years. We spoke about other things that were unrelated to the time restraints we had to face and revealed to each other our future goals, desires, and questions. Should we move to New York City, like the rest of the designers, burn out, and be broke, but have that unique experience we can only have in New York to call as our own? Or should we just move out west and never be as stressed as we possibly could be in any major East Coast city?

Just talking about it helped alleviate any of my underlying anxiety and stress. Sitting there, doing nothing, not feeling pressured to do anything for a few brief hours felt relieving. People watching and talking about the first random thing that popped into our heads while taking in the fresh air was more than just calming.

Even if you don’t smoke, it’s nice (and probably good for you) to take a daily “smoke break” where you can just sit outside, breathe and relax, and just let your mind wander and rest without any interruptions, whether if it’s for just a few minutes or a few hours. Just my little thought of the day.

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Things to be Doing After Graduation

things-to-be-doing-after-graduationAs one of the many recent graduates of the Class of 2015, I can say that taking the next step can be frustrating and exhausting. I finally got a degree that cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars and nothing to show for it. (Granted, I am currently working at Under Armour as a designer, but I am only working as a short-term contractor, not a full-benefits employee.)

I am still constantly applying to jobs, accepting the fact that I may never even get a courtesy denial email, and worrying about the grace period deadline for the first payment of loans approaching. However, these are a few things to be doing after graduation that I try and encourage my friends to try to get out of that poisonous anxiety rut.

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