Lorac Pro Palette 3

I was extremely lucky enough to get the Lorac Pro Palette 3 from my friend last Christmas. Since I’m a Sephora girl and Lorac is an Ulta product, I haven’t gotten the chance to buy a full palette. I’ve used the Lorac Basic palette, but now I get to finally have my own Lorac Pro Palette!

I haven’t even used it yet because it’s too pretty to use! (Although, I did use the black for a softer cat-eye look.) But like all Lorac palettes, I’m sure this palette is just as buttery and smooth as the others.

It has a mix of metallic and matte swatches. I can’t wait to use that deep maroon! Even though there are some mustard-y colors that are kind of worrying me, I can’t wait to try and work with those colors. (Maybe I’ll post a video on it later!)

I know that Lorac shadows blend extremely easily, so I can forgive the cheap packaging, which is something I noticed with all Lorac packaging… Boo.

The Lorac Pro Palette standard packaging seems to be the basic magnet that keeps the shadows in. Whereas there are competitors like Urban Decay (hands down, the BEST packaging ever), Tarte, Stila, etc. that keeps their product safe and stylish.

But I can say based off of just the Lorac Basic palette I’ve used, I can definitely say that the quality of their shadows are worth it.

Now I just need to get over my fear of ruining this beautiful palette and actually USE it, haha 🙂

Have you used any Lorac products before? And if so, which one and what were your thoughts? Thanks for reading!

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