My Nighttime Skin Routine


It’s Friday night and I’m hanging out in bed, binge-watching Sex and the City. Partying it up hard over here, right? But before I started my marathon, I took care of my skin so I could pass out when I wanted to without worrying what my face would look like in the morning. These are the products I typically use in my nighttime skin routine!


Boscia Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil

First on the list: Boscia Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil to get my makeup off! Before I figured out about oil cleansers, I washed my poor skin with drugstore face wash. Now, Boscia is all I use! It’s so great for sensitive skin and gets off EVERYTHING.

As you can tell, I use this every night to start my nighttime skin routine. It probably won’t change for a while too. I’m addicted to oil cleansers!


Peter Thomas Roth Peeling Gel Exfoliant

So, the Peter Thomas Roth Peeling Gel is something I got suckered into buying because of the sales associate at Sephora. She grabbed the back of my hand and told me to rub the gel. When I did, my dead skin started to ball up and it was GROSS. I just had to get it for my face!

Granted, I don’t use this every night for my nighttime skin routine since it’s an exfoliant. I use it when I feel like using it or remember to use it. I feel like it’s not a product I would have to use often. After the initial first time of using it, I think I got a lot of my dead skin off. I use this gel when I feel particularly gross and want to get some extra skin off.

It’s pretty cool to see your dead skin just ball up, but you can actually see AND FEEL it come off, which personally, I like. I can get the instant gratification by seeing and feeling the results.


Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner

After I wash off my makeup and pat my face dry, I get a cotton swab and lightly wipe off any excess dirt with the Glycolic Acid Toner. Not only does it smell GREAT, it makes you feel clean and fresh. Plus, you know you can’t go wrong with Mario Badescu!


First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

The weather is getting cooler and dryer. And guess what? My dry skin knows it. I read positive reviews on the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream to help with sensitive, dry skin, so I got it to try it out. I’ve probably only used for two weeks, but so far so good! It’s thin and lightweight, and my skin isn’t flaking!

There is a small medicinal smell that comes with it, but it’s not hard to overlook, especially since it fades quickly. Definitely worth the try if you’re having difficult skin.


Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil

Sorry, but I couldn’t get myself to get the full size of the Sunday Riley Luna oil. Anyone familiar with this line knows how pricey it can get. I was lucky enough to snag a decent sized sample!

I use this on days my skin particularly needs some extra lovin’. I put on about 3-4 drops at night before I go to bed and let it absorb into my dry flakey skin. The next morning, it’s freaking magic and my skin looks amazing and feels hydrated.

Despite the strong smell, I would probably get this again when I run out. I just wish they sold the oil in this size because I don’t think I need THAT much oil (or do I want to spend that much money for the oil either.) So we’ll see 🙂


Kate Somerville Eradikate

The last and newest product in my nighttime skin routine is the seriously wonderful Kate Somerville Eradikate. I have used this product twice now and I’ve already seen immediate results. I am cursing Kate Somerville for not making this when I was in middle school and had constant break outs!

My latest breakout left me with this huge witch’s wart of a pimple on my chin and mini breakouts around my cheek. It wouldn’t go away for over a week so I had to get help!

I dabbed on a Qtip’s worth of product onto my pimples and literally the next morning, my huge pimple cut down to half the size AND dried out. Not to mention, my smaller ones were gone completely. Seriously, it’s insane at how quick I got my results.

HOWEVER, I was expecting quick results because of how strong the sulfur and alcohol smell was. When I first opened the bottle and took my first sniff, it probably killed 500 of my brain cells. But honestly, because of how quick I saw results, I don’t care how much the smell of sulfur sucks.

This product is definitely a permanent step in my nighttime skin routine. I will repurchase this until I have flawless goddess skin.

With this tag team of products, my nighttime skin routine is on point. They all help me look and feel great in the morning! What products do you use that make your skin look fresh and flawless? Let me know!

Disclaimer: I was NOT sponsored to write about anything in this post.


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  • missgetaway

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Your routine is pretty similar to mine, altough I use very much differnt products as these aren’t available here in AUstria.

    Love, Kerstin

    • Tiny Taurus

      Oh! I didn’t know I had a reader from Austria! How awesome 🙂
      But yeah, these products are a goldmine and definitely help with my random breakouts, haha.

  • stephie rogers

    Girl!!! First off, thank you for love and following! But 2nd, I am going right now to ULTA to try the moisturizer. Thank you for such a recommendation!!!!! I’m so grateful

    Signed with gratitude,