My Nighttime Skincare Routine & Overnight Masks

My nighttime skincare routine is pretty inconsistent if I do say so myself. I have combination skin, so it’s hard for me to find the right products without overwhelming my face.

I know I wrote a post about my nighttime skin routine last year and I still use some of those products as you will read below. But I have brought in some new players into the mix. I also started to introduce some overnight masks into my nighttime skincare routine.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser

This cleanser is now in my skincare routine forever and has bumped my previous cleanser. It removes all makeup and oil and leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed without being too harsh. Not to mention that you just need to use a pea size for your entire face! Kiehl’s products are now sold in Sephora (THANK GOD) and this is one of them.

It’s $19.50 USD, but totally worth it since you don’t have to use a lot. The only thing that sucks is the cap. It’s so hard to take off! But you have to close it tight every time… I learned the hard way. I left it semi-open in the morning and that evening, a whole lot of product spilled out. RIP to my wasted cleanser :'(

Step 1 – I usually start my skincare routine with this cleanser to remove all makeup, dirt, and oil.

Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner

This Mario Badescu toner is something I’ve mentioned in my previous post, but is worth mentioning again. I use this to help with any skin discoloration and wrinkling I may start to see. It also smells AMAZING. I probably use it just for the smell and how it makes my skin feel fresh right after using it.

Step 2 – Using a cotton pad, I wipe my clean, dry skin in an outward motion.

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

On normal nights, I would just go to moisturizing and then to bed. But maybe once or twice a week, I would use the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask to help hydrate my skin. I’m 99.999999% sure this is a Korean beauty product since some of the description in the back is in Korean.

I’m not really sure how to describe this smell since it smells like most Korean beauty products and I’ve been around this smell since I was little because of my mom. It’s not an offensive smell and is pretty faint/easy to ignore if you don’t like the smell of Korean beauty products.

It’s $25 USD, comes with A LOT of product, and a little spoon to help keep the product clean after each usage. The next morning my skin feel’s as soft as a baby’s butt. I think it’s totally worth it!

Step 3 – Using the spoon, I get a small dab of product and apply a thin layer over my face. I let it dry before going to bed.

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you guys already KNOW how I feel about the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. I’ve made an extremely detailed post on this product alone here. I called it a game changer and a must have.

I just checked for the product on Sephora and it has gone through a packaging redesign and a dollar price increase ($27 USD) since I wrote my post. Hopefully, the product inside is still very much the same!

Step 3 – If I’m not using the water mask above, I use this mask.

So, there you have it. My new fave products to use during my nighttime skincare routine. What products do you guys use to get soft, hydrated skin? Leave a comment below and thanks for reading!

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Disclaimer: I was not sponsored to write this post. All products were purchased with my own money. There are affiliate links within this post. 

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  • Kristen Iness

    The Laneige sleeping mask is one of my favorites and yes it is a Korean skin care item 🙂

    • Tiny Taurus

      I thought so… Figured it all out by myself hahah! But yes, it’s also one of my favorites! Makes my skin super soft 🙂

  • BlushandPearls

    I’d love to try all of these! The laneige mask sounds perfect for those cold dry nights.

    • Tiny Taurus

      I think it is too! My skin usually gets irritated easily, but the laneige didn’t bother my skin too much after it dried! No reason to not try it 🙂

  • lisabeautytype

    The drink up mask is something I really need to try! I think it would be awesome for long distance flights!