Starting a Bullet Journal – July Spread

I finally joined the bullet journal cult! I’ve been trying to start it for months now, but never got into it. I kept getting self conscious about my handwriting and drawings whenever I looked up inspiration.

But I finally realized that this is for me and not for anyone else. It’s supposed to help me keep myself organized and on track with my plans.

So, this was my first time doing a full spread bullet journal entry. There are still lots to learn and edit for next month. But here’s what I have so far!

I got a yellow Leuchtturm dotted journal from Andrew for my birthday. He got it on Amazon, where there are tons of colors available. I put a cat sticker I got from a friend on the cover 🙂

This journal in particular is nice because it comes with a table of contents, so you can fill it out as your make your entries. I haven’t used it yet, but will once I get things a little more finalized.

I started the bullet journal with the calendar year spread. I started it with July and have it going up to next June. I just wanted to keep this page simple so it can be a calm entryway to the potential craziness, haha.

Here is my July cover page! It was in honor of finding out that Cherry Garcia is my new favorite flavor ice cream.

I can’t believe it took me this long to find the flavor! I’ve been searching for it my entire life. I tasted it once as a kid and never could forget that flavor. It took me until last week to figure out that it was cherry. I hate myself for taking this long to try cherry ice cream, grr!

So, here was my first mistake. I started with a weekly spread instead of the monthly. I have my daily tasks and reminders listed under each day. At the end, I have a weekly goals section. I might change this up next month since I think I want my goals under the monthly spread.

I also forced the end of this month to fit into this spread instead of having it start on the next month’s. I will have to figure out a better system for it later, but for now this will do.

And here is my initial monthly spread entry. I already found some areas that I can improve on next month, but I’m still on the struggle boat.

Do you have suggestions for this spread? I’m having a little trouble laying it out. I should probably look up other people’s bullet journal entries for more inspiration too…

That’s basically all I have set up right now. But I definitely want to set up more pages this month.

Nemo is not having it with me spending so much time in my bullet journal rather than giving him attention.

I started an Instagram account for Nemo because I take too many photos of him and it’s starting to pile up. I should probably set up a tracker spread for Nemo’s account growth, haha!

You can go check it out here @meowitsnemo – it’s fairly new so drop by and say hi!

Anyways, thanks for reading and looking at my July bullet journal spread! Let me know if you have a bullet journal you want to share with me. I would love to see how some of you are handling your entries 🙂

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  • Hanna Dumlao

    Hi Daniella! I chanced upon your blog on bloglovin’!

    I love how creative and colorful your journal is. I actually am with you when it comes to writing down your schedule than putting it on your phone. I personally find it more effective and efficient if I write things down, it makes me remember things more!

    Looking forward to seeing more of your bullet journal entries on the coming months!<3



    • Tiny Taurus

      Thanks! Hopefully I get a little more organized with my tasks because of the journal! 🙂

  • atheera dayana

    Welcome to the bullet journal club! Bullet journalling is so fun than the normal to do list task. It’s okay if you make mistake and I’m sure you will improve along the way.

    Btw, here is my bullet journal post if you are interested to take a peep ?

    Atheera /

    • Tiny Taurus

      Yeah, I need to reorganize some bits for next month, but I’m learning 🙂

      Yours looks great! I love the handlettering you’re doing, keep it up!

  • Kaitlynn Baker

    First, I’m obsessed with cats so I definitely am going to follow Nemo (and may have done so before commenting…..) Second, I just started a bullet journal too and I love looking up ideas 🙂

    • Tiny Taurus

      Aw thanks! Nemo appreciates it, haha!

      There’s so much inspiration out there for bullet journaling! (Lucky for me since I’m always stuck in a rut.)