The Local Fry – Restaurant Review

THE LOCAL FRYSo yesterday, I finally got to go to The Local Fry, a specialty fry shop that serves “comfort food” fries, various wings, salads, and specialty Banh Mi sandwiches in Federal Hill in Baltimore, MD. A lot of my friends have been posting about this place, so I figured I might as well go see what the hype was about.

the local fryImage pulled from The Local Fry’s twitter page.

The restaurant was definitely cute and clean, and the menu had a lot of creative creations to choose from. I was having such a hard time picking what to get, I wanted to try them all. You can take a look at their menu on their website.

Andrew and I decided to go with Kimchi Pork Fries, which is their fresh cut fries, sautéed kimchi, crispy pork belly (samgyupsal), Sriracha mayo, crema, scallions, and shredded cheddar cheese. We also got their honey BBQ wings and Vietnamese Pork Banh Mi.

I loved the fries and wings! Although, it was a tad bit salty for me and the actual fries themselves weren’t anything spectacular, but the dish overall was unique and tasty. The wings were delicious though, I would maybe go again just for the wings. I definitely want to try their breakfast fries–it comes with sunny side up eggs! 🙂

Andrew liked his banh mi, but it didn’t blow him away. However, he said it would be worth trying the other styles though. The Local Fry is BYOB and we both agreed that the fries would taste amazing with a beer since it would neutralize the saltiness. Overall, definitely worth popping over and trying it out! You can see more of their other fries on their instagram page.



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  • Hanh

    I would love to try this, shame it’s not over in London! You can’t beat banh mi and some wings 🙂


    • Daniella Ma

      You should fly over to the states just to try it 😉